Nils Kercher´s new album / release:     19th February 2016 / UK: 1 April



Album Nils Kecher SUKU YOUR LIFE IS YOUR POEM 2016

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“the finest world music crossover, the kind that is rare to find.... “You keep discovering new subtleties even after repeated listening...  The arrangements are extremely clever and the sound quality at the highest technical standard....Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem is an album to savor. This is music making at the highest level and a must listen to any world music fan. Nils Kercher proves that he can be considered as one of the outstanding world music artists. Recommended!"

       Musik an Sich review by Ingo Andruschkewitsch

“C´est le disc plus abouti...SUKU-Your Life is your Poem. J´aime beaucoup ce disc. J´ecoute rêgulierement, il peut tourne en boucle, c´est vraiment un grand plaisir” (English: “This is the very best CD... I love this CD. I listen to it regulary, you can play it on an infinite loop, it´s really a great delight.”)

                   DJ DIDIER MÉLON (RTBF / BELGIUM)


“...mycket bra!”      YLE Radio Vega (Finnisch  radio in Swedish language), DJ Mårten Holm 3-2016

"...wonderful new album ... great tracks brimming with kora and fantastic vocals”    

                                      DJ RITU (BBC / UK)

“This album reminds of recordings of West African music made in Peter Gabriels Real World Studio, only this time it features a German protagonist. Chapeau!“   

                  FOLKER 3-2016

“C´est le disc plus abouti

                     DJ DIDIER MÉLON (RTBF / BELGIUM)

Lyrical afro-sound full of space...”


...moments of nearly sacred impact...”



A sound painter, a storyteller, a seeker of myths. Nils Kercher is all of these.
On his third album SUKU we hear the highly versatile musician amidst his band as a proficient kora and balafon player, as an imaginative master of percussion, and as an expressive singer with a broad-ranging repertoire of timbres.
Powerful Afro rhythms, swinging balafons and minimalist string-playing form a series of fantastic contrasts while later passing into an almost sacred sound space with a quietly oscillating pulse.
His partnership with Kira Kaipainen continues to be a central element. Her soft voice and her lyrics accompany Kercher on a journey of sound that still draws its nourishment from its West African roots while constantly seeking out new paths of its own and at the same time embracing the vast Nordic landscapes. Martinique singer Sylvia Laubé blends in perfectly with Kira´s Scandinavian tone colour to create the harmonious and rich choirs the listener finds throughout the album.
Kercher has also invited the Senegalese singer Mariama Kouyaté to perform the song „Yiri Fere“ as a duet. Her exquisite voice flowers beautifully in this moving composition. 
The ngoni virtuoso Barou Kouyaté brings an earthy colour to the musical texture. In addition, his acoustic guitar accentuates Kercher´s melodic kora playing with great sensitivity. The two artists, who come from very different backgrounds, share a natural and organic musical dialogue, which attests to their extraordinary flexibility and poise.
Alongside the dialects Soussou and Malinke, spoken in Guinea, the album also features lyrics in Bambara, the chief language of Mali and includes tunes written in English and Finnish.
The nine songs feel like a cycle of verses that can leave you enchanted long after the music has faded away. Kercher´s achievement is to successfully merge the lyrical, refined aspect of his compositions with his passion for rhythm and energy. The way these two opposites always manage to regain their balance is what makes listening to SUKU such a fantastic experience.

Nils Kercher: lead & backing vocals, kora, balafon, percussion, bolong
Oumar Barou Kouyaté (Mali): ngoni / acoustic guitar
Kira Kaipainen (Finland): backing vocals
Sylvia Laubé (Martinique / France): backing vocals
Mariama Kouyaté (Senegal): vocals “unbroken spell” / lead vocals “yiri fere”
Sue Schlotte (D): cello
Vanessa Vromans (Australia): violin “the night” / “tuuli itkee”
Christof Boerner (D): viola  “tuuli itkee” / “of water and sand”

Label: ancient pulse records LC: 20081
Distribution: BROKEN SILENCE


cover ancient intimations

 samples of the music

Official World Music Charts Europe in September 2009!

Ancient Intimations received 5 stars (best possible rating) in the April / May issue 2010 of  the German magazine “Prisma”

subtle -  dynamic - unique

Poetic world music that interweaves organic African rhythms with transparent kora sounds, western instruments and melodic, multi-layered vocals.

This album is a mixture of  rhythmical songs that are influenced by West African melodies and Nils Kercher´s own compositions. His own compositions often have a powerful but subtle backing rhythm combined with melody instruments like kora, cello and violine. Most of them develop into a multilayered choir, that feels like a mixture of mantras, gregorian chants and tribal ritual.

All the pieces are skillfully arranged and the sounds and vocals merge almost unnoticesably from one to another. The strong West African influence is not an adoption of a “foreign” influence but becomes part of a creative process of a multitalented musician. The songs are sung in Soussou or Malinke, two West African languages, or Finnish - sometimes in a language before words existed.

“Sacred Forest” is a piece where the basic rhythm played by carved wood trunks from the rainforest  carries a harmonious choral-like tapestry of male and female voices. “Ah-Ye” combines a traditional rhythm - doun doun ba -  still danced in remote Guinean villages, with South African kalimba, open vocals and the melodic classical sounds of cello, violine and flute. In “Inike” you can hear the transparency of the West African harp (kora) with just Nils Kercher´s beautiful voice. “Allahlahke” dances away with kora, percussion and a catchy, groovy melody. “I siga fe minden?” starts with the joyous voices of children greeting in Soussou: “foate!” (“white man!”).

The whole album has an organic but soothing quality to it and the combination of different styles forms here something new, harmonious and consistent in itself. There is a timeless depth to this music.

The album artwork  is beautifully designed and printed on 100% recycled paper (6-panel digipack plus booklet).

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sound samples ancient IntimationsMusic Player Hörbeispiele Nils Kercher
  • Nils Kercher (Germany):  composition, kora, vocals, balafon, percussion, flute, violin
  • Kira Kaipainen (Finland): vocals
  • Malgosia Wosinska (Poland): vocals
  • Anne Meyer-Seeßelberg (Germany): vocals, flute
  • Thomas Steudel (Germany): violoncello
  • Antonia Brunnert (Germany/USA): violin
  • Thomas Christaller / Ed Winkler: backing vocals
1) allahlake     2:59
2) nanfulle       6:32
3) doun doun ba  4:59
4) iniké               2:20
5) sacred forest   9:02
6) sanu        6:12
7) i siga fe minden?   6:36
8) talven syli    5:08
9) ah–ye        8:15
10) dying in peace  4:05

         total: 56:13 min


 Nils Kercher - Ancient Inimations LIve (2012)

Fine tuned interplay of kora, organic percussion, natural vocals, cello and Indian bansuri. Album includes CD & DVD.

This recording captures the inspired atmosphere of Nils Kercher´s concerts. The combination of kora, earthy percussion, melodic vocals, cello and bansuri plus audience interaction features a musician who slides between different cultures to create almost pop songs from ethnical themes without ever loosing their organic natural essence.

Nils switches from skillfull kora playing to groovy djembé sounds, balafon and South African kalimba. The latter weaves the basis for the track „Ah Ye“. The drums of this mellow arrangement for cello and bansuri follow a rhythm traditionally played for the warrior's dance called „doundounba“ in the Hamana region of Guinea.
This illustrates how Nils Kercher often processes traditional themes to form something entirely new. The strength of the arrangements is their suppleness, this is not merely a cultural exchange but a creation of its own style and flavour.

A variety of sounds goes through this album. The listener's ears enter frequently a fresh landscape.
One trademark remains Nils´ distinct voice which sometimes soars on a high, almost Gregorianic sounding pitch, before turning into a rhythmical improvisation or a melody sung in West African Mande style. In this recording we hear it blending with Sylvia Laubé´s warm Caribbean timbre and Kira Kaipanen´s Nordic colour.

The musicians seem to create the sense of tranquility and timelessness of a remote village in the midst of modern world. Interactive compositions with the audience celebrate the fact that music is an ageold means of communication and exchange between humans in everyday life.
In this recording the polyrhythmical background of the track Miniamba is created by the audience.

This CD includes new and sometimes uptempo live versions of many of the songs released on the successful studio album „Ancient Intimations“ in 2009, plus four previously unpublished songs.


This album comes with a DVD including a short film that outlines some of the best moments of the concert plus three music videos. The first one shows Kira Kaipainen singing in the icecold Nordic winter, the second was shot in a remote village by the Niger river. Nils sings in Soussou, the native language of his friends in Guinea. The third clip is set on a summer meadow in Europe. Each shooting location represents one of the core themes of their art.

music samples          extract of concert film on Youtube

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cover nils kercher live album b-s

„The concert Ancient Intimations made time stand still for two hours”

General-Anzeiger Bonn 2009

"a massage for the soul”

“...they create their own cosmos that can live without borders”

“Aminambou” is a damned dynamic percussive piece”

“great world music“

Rocktimes, June 2012


  • Nils Kercher (Germany): kora - West African harp, djembé, vocals, violin, kalimba, balafon, music & arrangment
  • Kira Kaipainen (Finland): percussion, bolong, balafon, dance, vocals
  • Samuli Teho Majamäki (Finland): percussion, udu, vocals, gong, harmonium
  • Sylvia Laubé (Caribbean / France): vocals, percussion, dance
  • Stephanie Bosch (Germany): bansuri - Indian bamboo flute
  • Thomas Steudel (Germany): cello


  1. Sanu    8:26 Min
  2. Doun Doun Ba   7:38 Min
  3. Allahlake   9:34 Min
  4. Aminambou   6:03 Min
  5. Miniamba   5:19 Min
  6. Kaira-Iniké   6:09 Min
  7. The Call   1:39 Min
  8. Nanfulle   7:16 Min
  9. Ah-Ye   6:56 Min
  10. Dying in Peace   4:57 Min

total playing time CD:  63:58 Min


  1. music film  Nils kercher live 2009: 22:05 Min
  2. music video Talven Syli 5:30 Min
  3. music video Sanu 7:00 Min
  4. music video I siga fe Minden 6:03 Min

total playing time DVD: 40 Min

Im Fluss der Musik - djembe course on CD (2004) -  in German

musikvideo sanu schräg
sound samples CD Im Fluss der Musik, Nils Kercher

    CD Cover Im Fluss der Musik
    drumming course on CD (2004) -  in German

    meditative approach for learning Westafrican djembe rhythms and songs
    2-CD set, 118 Minuten, with booklet

    For beginners and for players with some experience

  • € 22,- plus postage. To order this album please contact  or buy at Amazon