Nils Kercher & Ensemble live Bonn 3-2018 - Foto credit Sebastian Laubert

Nils Kercher and Pulse & Poems

The singer and multi-instrumentalist Nils Kercher draws his inspiration from the traditions of West Africa and from the introspective atmosphere of Nordic vastness and modern songwriting.

He and his Finnish duo partner Kira Kaipainen spread out their treasury of expressive rhythms alongside gutar,  balafon and the awe-inspiring kora, a twenty-one stringed West African harp. Their "poetic world music" builds into fantastic contrasts while later passing into an almost sacred sound space with a quietly oscillating pulse.

Kira´s soft voice and her gripping lyrics blend seamlessly with Nils´ broad ranging repertoire of timbres.

His latest album „SUKU - Your Life is Your Poem“ received numerous positive reviews from world music magazines such as Songlines, R2 and froots and was compared to releases from Peter Gabriels Real World studio, Steve Reich´s minimal music and to Malian Singer Rokia Traore´s soulful album „Bowmboi.“

Nils´ achievement is to successfully merge the lyrical, refined aspect of his compositions with his passion for rhythm and energy. The songs feel like a cycle of verses that leave you enchanted long after the music has faded away.

Nils Kercher: vocals, kora / 21-stringed West African harp, acoustic guitar, balafon, percussion

Kira Kaipainen (Finland):
vocals, bolong, balafon, percussion

Concerts are played as duo up to full band with 8 musicians, according to the occasion.



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"irresistable power” Neue Westfälische Zeitung

Nils Kercher and his ensemble were fascinating .... simple, deeply noticeable authenticity of an ensemble whose individual inspiration very visibly contributed to the moment on the instruments and the interaction. Improvisational elements, as known from Jazz, brief virtuoso passages, textured sounds that would be suitable to inspire composers such as Ludevico Einaudi, and then the deep drum beats that reverberate in the belly .... everything fused into unique and strange yet very appealing music that erupted from one breath to the next from filigree lightness into thrilling drama." Badische Neueste Nachrichten


"An inspiring example of what world music can be ... stirring, poignant ....  highly charged atmosphere in the hall”    Neue Westfälische Zeitung

"Powerful, meditative and tremendously poetic, the ensemble tells the stories of people and myths, of landscapes and sensuous listening"  
Nürnberger Zeitung

Nils Kercher poetic world music live foto credit kurt rade

“brilliant world music” Rocktimes / Germany


"The concert let the time stand still for two hours"” General-Anzeiger Bonn


“A world-class, musical free spirit who has no equal" Musikreviews


"Dense and excitingly varied sound ... virtuoso kora player ...  Songs [...] that immediately sweep the listener away [...] A bridge between cultures" Deutschland Radio Kultur