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  • February 2019: Nils Kercher´s Song „I Siga Fe Minde“ will be the soundtrack for a work created by the New York based choreographer Jennifer Archibald with the students of TCU (University in Fort Worth, Texas, School for classical and contemporary dance). It will be performed 5 times in March 2019 during the DanceTCU Spring Concert   Video of the rehearsals
  • TC-University Texas - Soundtrack Nils Kercher, Choreography Jennifer Archibald, New York s

  • November 2018: read November  November-newsletter Nils Kercher songs & soundscapes online (in German)
  • 25 Oktober 2018: 10Radio / Somerset plays Nils Kercher´s music in their current show called Folk, Roots and Branches (great folk music from all over the world).
    The DJ Jamie Robertson who visited Nils and Kira´s concert in Somerset in October comments in his radio show:  „Faboulos music, faboulos evening. I think it was just their 2nd tour in the UK, but I am sure they will be back. If you can, do catch them.“
    (DJ Jamie Robertson / 10Radio/Somerset in the show "Folk, Roots and Branches" / 25th October)
  • August 2018: Recording for Nils Kercher´s new album with the excellent guitar & bass player Vincent Themba Goritzki.
    Vincent Goritzki and Nils Kercher studio work for new album 2018
    Vincent Goritzki recordings for Nils Kercher album 2018
  • Juli 2018: 2 days of recording for the World BEAThoven Project, initiated by Darius Darek Roncoszek for the 250 year Beethoven anniversary: some extracts of Beethovens compositions played by instruments from all over the world, such as the West African kora or balafon, as well as Asian gongs, Arabic oud, Indian flute, etc. All these recordings will be accessible for free for DJs and producers from all over the world to create remixes... in 2019 there will be a live concert combining all these elements and musicians in Beethovens birth town, Bonn... by the way, it was quite an undertaking, but also a lot of fun to translate these melodies to West African instruments... we are curios to hear the results!
    Nils Kercher recordings World Beathoven Project
    • Nils Kercher recordings World Beathoven Project 2
  • 06 May 2018:  music journalist Tony Gillam / UK, publishes review of Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU - Your Life is Your Poem” on his blog. The review was originally published in the renowned British music magazine SONGLINES. He writes: “...This is particularly compelling on 'Tuuli Itkee', where the insistent pulse creates an effect almost like the music of Steve Reich....offers a beautifully crafted dreamworld of shifting rhythms and many-layered voices and sounds.” 
  • 16 March 2018: Newspaper “Neue Westfählische Zeitung” publishes review about the concert in Oetkerhalle / Bielefeld (live broadcasting by public German radio station WDR 3) titled “Irresistible Power” (editor:Ralf Bittner). read the article in German language here 
    Neue Westfälische Rezension Nils Kercher Ensemble  2018-03-16 Oetkerhalle WDR 3 live Übertragung thumbnail
  • 15 March 2018: the recordings of Nils Kercher & band´s  concert in Bielefeld / Oetkerhalle,  that was brodacsted live on 14th March by WDR radio, are  still online for 30 days here.
  • 11 März 2018: review in German language by music journalist Thomas Kölsch about the concert on 11th March in Bonn. It says “the crowd is spellbound... a fascinating exotic evening filled with emotion...”   read the full review here
  • 06 January 2018:  OAR Radio / Ottago, New Zealand presents Nils Kercher´s latest album vor and writes: “Nils Kercher is a German composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and thoroughly dedicated afrophile. His latest album is both superbly produced and musically irresistible with thorough attention also given to the promotional clip for this track from the album Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem.” (host: Alistair  Addis) Sendung vom 06.01.2018 nachören
  • 13 December 2017: Latvian public radio presents Nils Kercher´s Album SUKU-Your Life is Your Poem for 30 min  (10:30 am and again 14thDec 1:30am) Latvija Radio, LR3, show Neakademiski DJ: Dina Dūdiņa-Kurmiņa
  • 20 November 2017: Nils Kercher & Habib Koité in Bonn while planning the program for their mutual concert in Berlin on 28th Nov  Foto: Sabine Büttner
    habib koite + nils kercher world music
  • 18.November 2017: 18 November 2017: public radio Radioeins / RBB Radio radio show “Dschungelfieber” announces charity concert of Habib Koité, Nils Kercher & Awa Ly for Amref Health Africa in Berlin on 28th Nov and plays songs of their albums.     Listen to the show 7 days after broadcast
  • 22. Oktober 2017: Review  on Nils Kercher´s concert  on 19 Okt 2017 in Krefeld. It says “The audience is fascinated, enthusiastic and responds with standing ovations.... the vocals transport you to wide horizons, the music starts to breathe and carries a beauty and poetry that affirms seamlessly the titel of the current album SUKU – Your Life is Your Poem...“ Link to full review by Susanne Böhling in German language
  • 31. August 2017, Berlin: poster for the charity concert with Malian´s superstar Habib Koité and Nils Kercher for the 60th anniverary of aid organization AMREF
    Concert  Habib Koité + Nils Kercher Berlin Nov 2017
  • 27. August 2017: Austria, Africa Festival Vienna, main stage during Nils Kercher´s concert, Foto: Rita Newman
    Nils Kercher & band Afrika Tage Vienna, Austria 2017 Foto: Rita Newman
  • 21 May 2017: Lousianna / USA: The radio show "Harpesty" broadcasted by radio KRVS radio station, presents two tracks of Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU” in this week´s edition. Listen to the show here
    "This week features a mixup of a wide variety of musical styles and types of harps, with music by Afrocelt Sound System, Nils Kercher, Youssou N’Dour, Ballake Cissoko and Vincent Segal and Sunita Staneslow”
    (hosted by Valerie Green).
  • 28 December 2016: WDR-radio (Germany) presents the musical highlights of the year 2016 and Nils Kercher´s album  “SUKU” is part of the show.  WDR 3 Jazz & World
  • 23 Dezember 2016: The music blog Green Belt of Sound chose Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU-Your Life is Your Poem“  as one of the best albums of the year 2016.
  • 16 December 2016: the Belgian radio RTBF broadcasts show: "remarkable albums of 2016" . One of the albums mentioned and played is “SUKU - Your Life is Your Poem” (Nils Kercher)  Le Monde est un village / DJ Didier Melon
  • 6 December 2016: the world music show WorldBeatUK chose Nils Kercher´s album "SUKU-Your Life is Your Poem" as one of the best 20 world music albums released in 2016
  • 28 October 2016: Nils Kercher is special guest at the radio show Neugier genügt / Redezeit at the German public radio station  WDR 5 (starting   10:05 am)
  • 23. September 2016: Nils Kercher & Band were selected for the annual promotion 2017/18 of the cultural ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany  Website Musikkulturen NRW
  • 16.September 2016/ UK:  Cultural Dessert / UK publishes new review on Nils Kercher´s album SUKU. It says “Kercher has created an album of beautifully gentle music called ‘Suku: Your Life is Your Poem’. Many of the tracks have a repetitive, pulsing quality that suggests the minimalist contemporary classical music of Michael Nyman, Philip Glass or Steve Reich. But ‘Suku’ also reinforces the case made by Toumani Diabaté in his 2008 album, 'The Mandé Variations' (reviewed here in May 2008), for Malian griot music to be considered 'African classical music' – equivalent to Western or Indian classical music. And I was particularly reminded of the Malian singer Rokia Traoré’s wonderful 2003 album ‘Bowmboi’ which includes two amazing tracks with the Kronos string quartet. ‘Suku’ features musicians from Mali, Senegal, Martinique, Finland and Australia – but it is firmly focussed on West Africa and has a quiet, restrained beauty.  review by Robin Simpson, Cultural Dessert / UK  read full review here
  • September 2016 / UK: Songlines magazine publishes review of Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU-Your Life is Your Poem” in October issue. "This album offers a beautifully crafted dream-world of shifting rhythms and many layered voices....This is particularly compelling on "Tuuli Itkee" where the insistent pulse creates an effect much like the music of Steve Reich. Track to try: "Tuuli Itkee" (Songlines / UK, Issue 121, review by Tony Gillam) Read whole review here
  • June 2016: Africa Positive publishes review of Nils Kercher´s album: “He and his fusion band present a striking album:  'Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem'. His kora playing creates the central element, which is always supported multifaceted by his superb fellow musicians. The outcome is a unified whole, the kind that could only harvest praise even from the greatest kora masters such as Toumani Diabaté...” (Africa Positive Juni 2016)
  • 1 June 2016: The talk titled “Do you know Africa?”by Amadou Diallo (Senegal / CEO at DHL-Freight Germany and Chairman of “Amref Health Africa”) at Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden will be accompanied by Nils Kercher (kora & vocals).  The event is part of the series  “Bridges in a Global World”. further information
    Nils Kercher & Amadou Diallo June 2016 Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden - Photo Melissa Messerschmidt
  • 15 May 2016 / UK: Music magazine R2 Rock n´Reel published review on Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU” it says: „...the leader´s vocals are breathy and ethereal ...managing to convey both a vast Nordic soundscape and the intimcy of African village life...“  (R2 MAGAZINE RocknReel / UK issue 57)
  • 13 May 2016 / Croatia: Nils Kercher´s album was presented in the Croatian radio show  "Izvorista" vorgestellt.  Listen to the podcast (presentation of SUKU starts at Min 25:15)
  • 1 May 2016 / UK:  fRoots magazine published review on Nils Kercher´s new album “Suku-Your Life is Your Poem” in the issue No 396.
    It says:

    "...Nils has assimilated the sounds of Western Africa and has allowed related musical relatives such as flamenco to decorate his playing. There is even one track which sounds like the Moorish-inspired mediæval tune La Rotta.
    He has a relaxed and authentic singing style which carries the lyrics well and, most importantly of all, he has something to say….
    His partnership with Oumar Barou Kouyate is an impressive testament as to how two musicians from different roots cultures can work together in a supportive and inspiring way. This is no cut-and-paste exercise but a genuine fusion....
    ....often sounding as if it comes from the Real World catalogue. I suspect that this will encourage more people to listen to the kora...“
    (fROOTS MAGAZINE / UK issue 396, May 2016)
  • 29 April 2016 London / UK: Nils Kercher´s song "Yiri Fere" was presented in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winner session, hosted by DJ Lopa Kothari (BBC / London) - song Yiri Fere starts around 78:00 Min Listen to the podcast here until 30 days after broadcasting

  • 25 April 2016 Lattvia: the Latvian  radio presents Nils Kercher´s new album SUKU (LATVIJASRADIO.LSM.LV) and plays fours tracks Listen to the Podcast (DJ: Ilmars Slapins)
  • 16.April 2016: The Bavarian Radio Broadcasting (Bayern 2) presents Nils Kercher´s new Album “Suku-Your Life is Your Poem” und introduces 4 songs together with news from contemporary literature / DJ: Cornelia Zetsche  Link Manuskript Diwan - Büchermagazin Bayern 2
  • 15.April 2016: First pictures online of Nils Kercher´s concert at Domicil / Dortmund by Thomas Weiss (with Barou Kouyaté / Mali, Kira Kapainen / Finnland, Sue Schlotte / D und Sylvia Laubé / Martinique)  Link photos
  • 12 April 2016 The concert at Beethovenhaus / BONN is sold out - tickets for the concert in DORTMUND on the day before (15th April) are still available!
  • 14 April 2016: WDR-TV broadcasts Nils Kercher´s music video UNBROKEN SPELL, first track of his new album. The video was shot during his Senegal concert tour in August 2015, in the House of Slaves (Gorée Island, Senegal).
  • 04 April 2016: Interview with Nils Kercher in the radio show Weltweit / World Music Domradio Köln (10am). DJ: Daniel Hauser
  • 24 March 2016 Review on Nils Kercher´s new album published in the music magazine musik an sichWhen listening to „Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem“ you can hardly believe that it was crerated by a German artist.... it offers the finest world music crossover, the kind that is rare to find.... highly complex music that is very tightly arranged, yet well distinguishable. You keep discovering new subtleties even after repeated listening. The arrangements are extremely clever and the sound quality at the highest technical standard.
    Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem is an album to savor. This is music making at the highest level and a must listen to any world music fan. Nils Kercher proves that he can be considered as one of the outstanding world music artists. Recommended! " rating: 19 of 20 (Link to the complete review by Ingo Andruschkewitsch March 2016)
  • 24 March 2016 On 24th March 01:30 pm and on 26th March 10:15 pm the Finnish radio YLE Radio Vega presents Nils Kercher´s new album SUKU (folk music program in Swedish language, hosted by Mårten Holm). The album is given 30 minutes of the show! 
  • 21 March 2016 (12 am & 12 pm) Lousianna / USA: Nils Kercher´s new album is presented in the radio show “Harpestry” KRVS radio station, Louisiana / USA  (DJ: Valerie Green) Listen on 88.7 FM, live streaming, or as podcast here:  KRVS radio station
  • 15. März 2016: The Belgian world music show "Le Monde est un Village"  hosted by DJ Didier Melon comments again on Nils Kercher´s new Album SUKU  “C´est le disc plus abouti, de Nils Kercher, SUKU-Your Life is your Poem. J´aime beaucoup ce disc. J´ecoute rêgulierement, il peut tourne en boucle, c´est vraiment un grand plaisir” (English: “This is the very best CD... I love this CD. I listen to it regulary, you can play it on an infinite loop, it´s really a great delight.” Listen to the podcast here (Min 6:30-12:10)
  • March 2016: Review on Nils Kercher´s new album SUKU published in the music magazine Folker.  “The album reminds the listener of recordings of West African music that were made in Peter Gabriels Real World Studio, with the only difference, that this time it features a German protagonist. Chapeau!“  (Folker, March 2016)
  • March 2016: Review on Nils Kercher´s new album SUKU published in the jazz magazine Jazzthetik.  “...moments of nearly sacred impact...” (rating: 4 of 5 stars)
  • 27 Feb 2016: Nils Kercher was selected as “musician of the week” by The Belgian Radio station RTBF (world music show  "Le Monde est un Village" with DJ Didier Mélon) Radio RTBF comments: “Et nous retrouvons Didier Mélon et son musicien de la semaine: Nils KERCHER, un Allemand... un peu, beaucoup, très très africain !
  • 22 Feb 2016: (Birmingham, UK) presents Nils Kercher´s new album on WorldBeatUK radio show. DJ Glyn Philips comments: "…There is no doubt that his music takes you on a journey, the whole album is really beautiful. Nils is heard here on kora, the West African harp, the Balafon and percussion as well as utilizing his rather unique voice…."  Listen online to the podcast of the show - presentation of SUKU starts at Min 17:00
  • 19 Feb 2016: German radio station “Hessischer Rundfunk” presents Nils Kercher´s new album
  • 18 Feb 2016: Review on Nils Kercher´s new album published in German magazine “Rocktimes”
    ... Mit "Suku – Your Life Is Your Poem" war das Durchkämmen des Genres von Erfolg gekrönt.... ...kann eine konzertante Reise in die Seele nicht gefühlvoller, anregender oder anziehender sein.... ... Vokale Improvisationen sind höchst interessante Intermezzi des Wohlklangs... begibt sich mit Freude in den Bann der schwebenden wie auch von höherer Dynamik bestimmten Inszenierungen. ...enormer Raum für viele Finessen und Details. Die Arrangements sind quasi einzigartig. Unglaublich, wie in den einzelnen Liedern unterschiedliche Facetten und Stimmungen kreiert werden.
    .. Essentiell!
    ... Ausdruck zeitloser Ästhetik in der World Music. ... Aus Grundfarben entsteht ein komplexer Farbkreis mit vielen Nuancen. Die neun Songs sind die tanzenden Glitzerpunkte der von der Sonne angestrahlten Wellenspitzen...
    ...Nils Kerchers World Music ist anders. "Suku – Your Life Is Your Poem" ist eine musikalische Expedition in eine klangliche Welt, die mit Sensibilität und dem Respekt vor der Tradition begeistert. (Rocktimes, Februar 2016, review by Joachim 'Joe' Brookes) read full review here
  • 17 Feb 2016: Slowakian radio station Hudba Sveka FM presents Nils Kercher´s new album
  • 16 Feb 2016: Review on Nils Kercher´s new album published in German magazine “Musikreviews” “...die Musik von NILS KERCHER und seiner Band nimmt einen, wohl gerade wegen ihrer leidenschaftlichen Weltoffenheit, sofort gefangen und zieht uns wie ein zärtlicher, aber immer stärker und kräftiger werdender Strudel in ihr klingendes, atmosphärisches Universum. ..Yiri Fere“, ein wirklich extrem bewegender Song...   Die Musik-Verse, die NILS KERCHER mit diesem Album seinen Hörern hinzufügt, sind etwas Bleibendes... (Musikreviews, Februar 2016, review by Thoralf Koß) read full review here
  • February 2016: first review of Nils Kercher´s new album “SUKU“: Lyrical afro-sound full of space...very own idiom... The magnificent soundscapes peaking in dramatic arcs of suspense with delicate whispered tones erupting in powerful discharges draw their inspiration from the introspective moods of someone like Arvo Pärt.” Jazzthing on album SUKU 2-2016


  • February 2016:  Nils Kercher´s track “Sacred Forest” (album ANCIENT INTIMATIONS 2009) will be the soundrack for the performances of the dance company Ballet Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, at The Playhouse on the Square directed by Broadway choreographer Jennifer Archibald (contemporary dance mixing ballet, street dance and other styles). The premiere will be held on February 19



  • February 2016: on 19th February 2016 Nils Kercher´s new album will be released. It can be preorderd now. with:  Kira Kaipainen (Finnland), Oumar Barou Kouyaté (Mali), Mariama Kouyaté (Senegal), Sylvia Laubé (Martinique), Sue Schlotte (D), Vanessa Vromans (Australia) and more.
  •  album art Nils Kecher SUKU-YOUR LIFE IS YOUR POEM 2016


  • January 2016: first soundsamples of Nils Kercher´s new album SUKU-Your ife is Your Poem now  online

  • August 2015:  photos taken during the Senegal tour 2015, Nils Kercher,  Kira Kaipainen, Mariama Kouyate and other musicians

Blue Saxo Music Festival Saly Senegal 2015 s
nils kercher feat mariama kouyate live in senegal 8-2015 b-w s
concert nils kercher & ensemble saly senegal 2015 s
nils kercher ensemble feat mariama kouyate live in senegal 2015 s


  • Juli 2015: The National Senegalese Television (RTF) invited Nils Kercher for an interview (studios Dakar)
Nils Kercher Interview national television Senegal 2015 s

Nils  Kercher Interview TV Senegal 2015 5
Nils Kercher TV Senegal 2015 4 b-w s

  • Juli / August 2015:   Nils Kercher und Kira Kaipainen were invited by the Senegalese Label „Blue Saxo“ to be on tour in Senegal with Mariama Kouyaté, Prefet Adam, Vieux Sall and Daby Balde) on tour in Senegal / Westafrika.
    Blue Saxo presents Mariama Kouyate - Daby Balde - Nils Kercher - Vieux Sall - Prefet Adam festival Senegal 2015
  • 17th Juli 2015: Nils Kercher with Kira Kaipianen, Mariama Kouyaté und Abdoulaye Ndiaye (Senegal) during “Mit-Afrika” Festival in Cologne recorded by Radio station “Funkhaus Europa / WDR”
    nils kercher featuring mariama kouyate cologne 2015 - s
    2 Nils Kercher featuring Mariama Kouyate live Cologne 2015 s
  • June 2015: photos taken during the the recordings for the new album which is goinbg to be released in February 2016 Here Nils Kercher with Oumar Barou Kouyaté (ngoni, acoustic guitar), Kira Kaipainen (vocals) und Sylvia Laubé: (vocals) in the Van Heys Studios.
    nils kercher - barou kouyate studio s text
    kira kaipainen @ van heys studios s
    nils kercher & barou kouyate @ van heys studios 2
  • nils kercher - sylvia laubé in the studio
    25th Oktober 2014: Nils Kercher played a concert at the UNITED NATIONS (UN) Celebration in Bonn / Germany, together with Kira Kaipainen (Finland) and Sylvia Laubé (Caribbean) 
    nils kercher trio live at UN celebration Bonn 2014
  • 27th September 2014: The Newspaper “Badische Neueste Nachrichten”  publishes a review on the concert on 25th September in Rastatt with Nils Kercher & band (with Barou Kouyaté, Mali):  "Poetic world music - Nils Kercher and his ensemble were fascinating .... and presented neither an esoterically intermingled spiritual magic show nor a naively exaggerated African spectacle à la "The Lion King", but the simple, deeply noticeable authenticity of an ensemble whose individual inspiration very visibly contributed to the moment on the instruments and the interaction. Improvisational elements, as known from Jazz, brief virtuoso passages, textured sounds that would be suitable to inspire composers such as Ludevico Einaudi, and then the deep drum beats that reverberate in the belly .... .... everything fused into unique and strange yet very appealing music that erupted from one breath to the next from filigree lightness into thrilling drama." (Badische Neueste Nachrichten)


  • 14. September 2014: radio station WDR3 (program Musikkulturen) plays extracts of the album “Ancient Intimations Live” und comments: “Nils Kercher moves through multilayered landscapes of percussion. Here we meet a cosmopolitan spirit”


  • January 2014: Flyer for the tour in 2014:
    Flyer Kercher-Kouyate tour 2014 vorne


  • 25.Oktober 2013: Radio “Westdeutsche Rundfunk” (WDR 3) broadcasts the concert Nils Kercher, Barou Kouyaté and band gave in Dortmund, Domicil, Germany
  • 24.September 2013: Newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” publishes review on the Nils Kercher´s concert in Osnabrück: extracts in German: “...Nils Kercher (...) hat sich offenbar zur Aufgabe gemacht, mit den Rollen und Erwartungen seiner Zuhörer zu spielen... meditativ musiziert das Quartett, verquickt Stilistiken von zwei Kontinenten harmonisch miteinander. Man spürt, dass Kercher bereits als junger Mann nach Afrika ging, um dort Musik zu studieren...  ....mal rhythmisch-behänd, mal magisch-zurückhaltend oder zum mitsingen animierend....    ....und entwickeln so eine spirituelle Atmosphäre, die authentischer daherkommt....” Link read whole review by Tom Bullmann in German
  • 24. September 2013: Die Neue Westafälische Zeitung, schreibt zum Konzert in der neuen Schmiede in Bielefeld: „ein begeisterndes Beispiel, was Weltmusik sein kann...  ..gelassen-heiter...   ....charmant animiert er das Publikum...   ...aufwühlend, ergreifend....   Exzellent Oumar Barou Kouyaté an der malischen Laute (Ngoni) oder der Akustikgitarre. Der Neffe des weltberühmten Ngoni Meisters Bassekou Kouyaté, zu dessen Band Barou 5 Jahre lang gehörte, spielt mit hoher Energie, der Klang der Ngoni ist sprühen die Funken... Hochstimmung im Saal“  (Auszüge der Rezenzion von Claudia Viotto, Neue Westfälische Zeitung)
  • 8.Juli 2013 Newspaper “Nürnberger Zeitung” publishes review on concert of Nils Kercher & band during Africa festival in Forchheim, Bavaria. extract: "Powerful, meditative and tremendously poetic, the ensemble tells the stories of people and myths, of landscapes and sensuous listening" read the whole review here


  • 5. th July 2013: BR TV broadcasts live reportage from Africa Festival Forchheim (Southern Germany) with extracts of Nils Kercher´s concert & interviews more information on the festival

  • March 2013  Newspaper “Allgäuer Zeitung” publishes review on Nilskercher & Barou Kouyate´s concert on 9th March 2013   "...„Kercher´s voice is a reaches heights that are usually reserved for female singers and yet carries a deep male strength.... a boundless organ...”(review by Markus Noichl, Allgäuer Zeitung, March 2013) 
  • Rezension Konzert Nils Kercher & Ensemble Sonthofen März 2013 s
    (click to read the whole article)


  • März 2013   photos Nils Kercher & band with special guest Barou Kouyate (Mali)  during concert in Berlin, ufa Fabrik 15th March 2013


    Barou Kouyate & Nils Kercher live Berlin 2013 s


    barou kouyate-nils kercher live in Berlin 2013


    kercher-kouyate live Berlin 2013 s2


    Kercher Ensemble mit Kouyate Berlin ufa Fabrik 3-2013-s2



  • March 2013  newspaper “Die Neue Westfälische Zeitung Bielefeld” publishes concert review in German:  "verblüffend authentisch... Nils Kercher begeisterte in der Capella Hospitalis... es verblüfft regelrecht, einen Europäer bei Spiel und Gesang afrikanischer Musik derart authentisch zu erleben. Gerade weil er so emotional dabei ist. Ohne diese Hingabe ist afrikanische Musik nicht möglich. In europäischen Kulturen jedoch gibt sich in der Regel kaum jemand solchen Emotionen hin...  ...eine eigenartig charismatische Persönlichkeit voll naiver Begeisterung...
    Rezension Nils kercher Neue Westfälische Zeitung Bielefeld März 2013 Thumbnail
    (click to read the whole article)


  • January 2013: Tour confirmed:
    flyer tour kercher kouyate 2s
    Ngoni (Malian lute) virtuoso Oumar Barou Kouyate will be special guest for Nils Kercher´s tour in 2013. Barou Kouyate has;an excellent reputation for his virtuoso ngoni playing, especially in the band of his uncle, Bassekou Kouyate (grammy nomination 2012, BBC awards) with whom he shared the stage during numerous concerts all over the world Since 2012 he pursues his own projects and engages in the dialogue with new musical worlds.      tour dates Nils Kercher with Barou Kouyaté  press release in German
  • August 2012: Nils Kercher´s new live album is nominated as CD of the month by the radio show “So What?” / Radio Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (DJ: Daniel Hauser)
  • 19th June 2012 presentation of Nils Kercher´s new live album on Deutschlandradio Kultur DJ comments: "Dense and excitingly varied sound ... virtuoso kora player ...  Songs [...] that immediately sweep the listener away [...] A bridge between cultures"     (Deutschland Radio Kultur)
  • 18th June 2012: music from Nils Kercher´s new live album aired in radio show HARPESTRY, KRVS radio station, Louisiana / USA along with music of Sona Jobarteh, Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, Toumani Diabate, Ali Farka Toure and Mamadou Diabate. Listen on 88.7 FM, live streaming on the web at, and podcasts here:  KRVS radio station
  • 15th June 2012: release of Nils Kercher´s new live-album (set of CD & DVD) Ancient Intimations Live. More infomation here 
    cover nils kercher live album 2011
  • 16. Februar 2012: New interview (in German language) with Nils Kercher by journalist, musician and ethnologist Dr. Lothar A. Heinrich published in the magazine Weltexpress Link to article
  • Oktober 2011:  new interview with Nils Kercher on his experiences in West-Africa on the website of the Association Hilfe für Guinea (Help for Guinea) (Help for Guinea). With his band Nils Kercher will play two charity concerts for the association on 12th November 2011 and 27th January 2012 in Cologne / Germany  Link to the interview with Nils Kercher in German language
  • 8. August 2011:  Interview with Nils Kercher at radio station Domradio / program Worldwide Today (interview: Daniel Hauser) Listen online (interview starts Min 17)
  • 6. August 2011: stage during concert of Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen at dawn at Alkumeri Festival in the European Capital of Culture 2011, Turku, Finland
  • stage nils kercher ensemble turku 2011

  • Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen were accompanied by Samuli Majamäki (FIN) and the string ensemble from Sibelius music academy
  • stage nils kercher ensemble turku 2011 with string quartet

    stage nils kercher and Kira Kaipainen Turku 2011   Nils Kercher & KIra Kaipainen open air festival during the evnts at the European Capital  of Culture, Turku, Finland

  • Januar 2011:  On January 9th the German television MDR broadcasted extracts of Nils Kercher´s and Kira Kaipainen´s song sanu, filmed during their performance at the crosscultural New Year´s celebration at Weimarhalle / Weimar for an audience of 800 people.
  •  mdr TV 2011 nils Kercher 2mdr TV 2011 nils Kercher 1

  • Dezember 2010:  new music video Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipianen  TALVEN SYLI (track 7 album ANCIENT INTIMATIONS) is online : watch on Youtube oder here:  videos


  • Dezember 2010:   previously unreleased concert samples online. Recorded during CD release concert in November 2009 in Bonn / Germany Link Musicplayer


  • 4.Oktober 2010 (12 & 24 Uhr, oder available as podcast):   Two tracks of Nils Kercher´s album “Ancient Intimations” are featured along with music by Ba Cissoko, Toumani Diabate and Bassekou Kouyate on the show KRVS radio station, Louisiana / USA  “Harpestry”


  • September 2010: editing, mixing and mastering of the recordings of the CD release concert 11-2009 in Bonn has been accomplished at acoustic entertainment studio (Radu Marinescu) / Cologne (Germany) - the tracks will be released on a live album in 2012


  • August / September 2010: Studio recordings accomplished of audio drama: Rainer Maria Rilke: “The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke” with Friedrich Mayer (acting) and Nils Kercher (music).
    Rilke Programm Nils Kercher & Friedrich Mayer 2
  • April/Mai 2010: “Ancient Intimations” is the recommendation of the April / May edition of the German
     Magazine “Prisma”, and received the best possible rating
  • 5. April 2010: presentation of Nils Kercher´s album Ancient Intimations at German radio broadcasting programme Musikkulturen WDR 3
  • 21.2. 2010, Interview mit Nils Kercher at the radio station Deutsche Welle for the program Musikszene(Interview: Daniel Hauser, Bonn) listen online
  • Januar 2010: Nils Kercher was nominated “talent of the month” by the European webradio Groovalizacion. Some extracts of the review  “very elegant album”, “beautiful landscapes from Black Forest to Guinean farmlands” ... “His last album, "Ancient Intimations" is in line with the cause of human integration which binds cultures and which has already been taking shape through the discernment of the most open and curious minds.” (die vollständige Rezension hier lesen)
  • 22.11. 2009 first Bilder des Konzertes im Bonner Brückenforum sind online. Fotograf: Frank Hoffmann
  • 15.11.2009 ab 20:04 bis 20:30 Uhr: Interview with Nils Kercher und presentation of the ne album “Ancient Intimations” on radio station Bonn Rhein-Sieg
  • Oktober 2009: trackl “I siga fe minden”  (album ANCIENT INTIMATIONS - Nils Kercher) reached the charts of the webradio station Groovalizacion
  • September 2009: Nils Kercher´s new album ANCIENT INTIMATIONS reached the official WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE !
  • 16.09.2009 from 22:25 to 23 Uhr: presentation of the new album ANCIENT INTIMATIONS in the German radio Broadcasting “Hessischer Rundfunk” HR2-Kultur HR2-Kultur  Live-stream